We are an office maintenance concierge for facilities managers.

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Facility maintenance and restorative services throughout North America.

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We help you maintain and manage the repairs for your office and furniture across the country.

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Facilicare America provides unequaled service in facility maintenance and care.

We provide custom interior maintenance and restorative services for offices and facilities across North America. Our programs are tailored to assist facilities managers in their effort to maintain and manage ancillary repairs and refreshes for one or more facilities country wide.  

We provide walk-throughs, warranty checks and reporting to help facilities managers communicate effectively and easily to the executive team.

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Our Services

Interior Asset Care

We will assess your furniture for potential warranty claims and identify wear and tear issues that require service, ensuring products are in good working order and free of damage.

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Maintenance Program

We regularly scheduled cleaning and maintenance helps to extend the life of your furniture and interiors. We expertly clean and repair rugs, wall coverings, draperies, millwork and more.

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Rejuvenate Program

With your sustainability objectives in mind, we can refresh and repurpose your furniture and interiors for your reconfigurations and restack initiatives.

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Some of our clients

Working with Facilicare the past year has been a game changer for our business. As oppsed to contacting multiple vendors, we have one account manager that coordinates all the interior maintenance needs of our retail spaces.

– Senior Manager, Facilities