Top 40 List for Why Facilicare

  1. We are a non-salaried member of your Facility Team.
  2. We perform hands on service for your company throughout North America.
  3. We have skilled crafts people located not far from every one of your offices.
  4. We want to make your “end user” happy.
  5. We will save you time.
  6. We provide full audits of your work space condition before any work is performed.
  7. We are experts. We are crafts people.
  8. We are dependable.
  9. We are "one stop shopping".
  10. We are high end.
  11. Our pricing is fair.
  12. We are great communicators.
  13. We do emergency work for our clients.
  14. We take responsibility.
  15. We provide solutions.
  16. We often are able to do the “dirty work”.
  17. Usually we know the answers.
  18. We are professional.
  19. We help make your office sustainable in nature.
  20. We are what sustainability is all about.
  21. We sanitize everything we work on.
  22. We are patient.
  23. We are very detailed in all aspects of our work from quote to finish.
  24. We know a lot of things you do not know.
  25. We save most organizations money because we resolve problems quickly and correctly.
  26. We make your workplace look great.
  27. We often do work while you sleep.
  28. We work safely.
  29. We are insured.
  30. You get all the credit for our work.
  31. We take care of the usual.
  32. We take care of the unusual.
  33. We prevent little problems from becoming big problems.
  34. We allow you to do the work you were hired to do.
  35. We understand how climate impacts your interiors.
  36. We are generally able to supply “before and after” visuals so you are able to see what you are paying to get.
  37. We do “the heavy lifting”.
  38. We are a WBE.
  39. We make doing business together simple.
  40. We do not waste your time.